Um…like…easy there Mr Gwyneth. Bono you are not. Yet. Perhaps ever. So I like Coldplay. More than like. You could say that once upon a time I loved Coldplay. Have all their CDs, DVDs, know all the words to their songs, seen them in concert 3 times…big fan. Until the last album X + Y. Was the strangest thing – it was great at first. Then after too many listens, every track became like nails on a chalkboard. And his lyrics were suck ass weak. And the band’s attitude got suck ass annoying, especially the way Chris went on to describe “Fix You” – perhaps the best song on X + Y – as “the most important thing we’ve ever done”, like it was destined to rival “With or Without You”. Whatever. Love that Gwyneth had to go and marry a dude with such an inflated sense of self importance…though I’m not sure she would approve of his manners. Press conference in Brazil the other day, in describing the new record Coldplay will be releasing later this year, Chris revealed that the album will include “the one song that we feel like everybody has to hear … before we die…”. Who talks like that??? No…seriously….who talks like that??? And then he lost his sh-t when asked if he’d ever sing a duet with his wife, Chris’s nasty response was: What’s your favourite sexual position? - which was followed by his pontification on the commercialisation of music these days as if his own band isn’t one of the most commercial ones out there, and then he abruptly left the interview when another Gwyneth question came up. Sounds like someone’s developing a serious case of Guy Ritchie disease, non? Source