You’re 12 years old. You’re Romeo Beckham, second child of Victoria and David. You are the star of the new Burberry holiday campaign. It’s your SECOND for the brand.

So at the launch last night, you don’t have to pose with anyone else. Romeo Beckham, 12 years old, is the star. And his parents did not take that away from him. They were there, of course. They supported him inside the party, obviously. And his mother was seen with her arms around him, cuddling him when the short film was presented. Romeo has become a breakout Beckham, the first breakout Beckham.

He seems really, really comfortable in the role. Why not? He’s certainly had the training.

Look at him. Look at him standing sheepishly but not at all embarrassed on this red carpet. Look at how natural he is in the video (below), playful, childish, and in the spirit of the festive season – full of hope, youthful hope.


He’s 12!

I don’t even know how we’ll handle it as he grows into those genes. The better question is: how will HE handle it? This boy is going to be a heart killer – of women, of men, of trans, of us all.