Offspring Rock Band Part 2

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I was just reading the Victoria Beckham profile in Vogue - that article is coming next - when I came across the most amazing detail:

For Romeo’s birthday, as a surprise, the (Beckham) family took him to hang out in Justin Bieber’s studio while he was recording his Christmas album. Bieber sweetly sent the boys signed guitars afterward, but Romeo’s was signed to “Pax” (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s son). “So we got one of the Jolie-Pitts’ guitars,” says his mother; such are the perils of the celebrity lifestyle.

Brange loves Bieber too.

I’m telling you. Give in. Justin Bieber has conquered the world.  

Anyway, as you know, for a long time now, I’m been dreaming of a Celebrity Offspring Rock Band featuring Maddox Jolie-Pitt on lead vocals. But with this new information, I feel like we might have to modify the plot points in the screenplay:  

The son of Hollywood’s Royal Couple starts a super group after falling in love with the daughter of another star union. He calls it First Sons & Daughters. The only problem - her mom used to date his dad. And the guy on drums, appropriately named Rocco, doesn’t get along with anyone. Rounding out the four-piece is the wild child son of two well known musicians. Kingston is probably the most talented of them all but he’s constantly threatening to go solo. Suri Cruise meanwhile keeps trying to get in on the action, having been personally trained by her father and Celine Dion. Crushing hard on Roc, whose mother keeps trying to join the group, Suri convinces him that his skills are being neglected. Things are further complicated when Maddox must cut short rehearsal time to break up a fight that has broken out between his brother Pax and Romeo Beckham. Pax has long held a grudge against Romeo for stealing his prized Bieber guitar when they were younger and for being made first trombone over him in music class. After issuing an edict at home, forbidding his siblings from fraternising with any Beckhams, he came home early one day to find his sister Shiloh inspecting a new tattoo she’d had inked just above her hipbone: two simple letters - R.B. - were enough to send Pax over the edge.

Will Maddox be able to hold it together? Can he keep the parents from interfering? Why can’t he stop thinking about the girl with the glasses and Violet eyes? How will he manage his music life, his love life, and still make it to the Super Bowl to play the half time show?

Someone needs to write this book. I would totally read it on my iPad (but not on paper).



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