Romeo Beckham, second son of Victoria and David Beckham, will be featured in his second campaign for Burberry this holiday season. Burberry released this preview photo in advance of the editorial. Am I allowed to say he’s beautiful without sounding like a creep? Am I allowed to say that if he looks like this now, I can’t even imagine what he’ll look like when he’s an adult? This is one of the few times I’m happy I’m old. Because if I were his age, and I had to be 18 when he was 18, and long for him like I used to long for River Phoenix, my life would never start. Look at him. He’s gorgeous. And his name is gorgeous.


I love the name Romeo.

And I just came up with a hypothesis about the Beckham children names that I sent to Duana. Does naming get better with style?

Here’s what the Beckhams looked like around the time Brooklyn was named:

Slowly their style got progressively better. And there followed Romeo, Cruz, and Harper.

Is there a connection? 

Anyway, we’re now 48 hours from the grand opening of the Victoria Beckham flagship on Dover Street in London. Today was the start of Paris Fashion Week. It’ll run through next week. Is that good or bad? That most of the important fashion people will be in Paris and not London? It’s a quick Eurostar away… ?