Filming on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has moved to London. Here’s Rooney Mara on a smoke break yesterday in costume. Feeling more optimistic about the American imagining of the story? After the Oscars, where everyone thought David Fincher would take Best Director, I kinda feel bad that the Academy seems to have it in the sh-ts for both him and Christopher Nolan. Maybe Lisbeth Salander will change that.

Anyway, Daniel Craig was also on set, seen leaving his trailer. You know who else was seen leaving his trailer? Yeah, Rachel Weisz. Am attaching shots of the side of her head. DYING to know what happened to Satsuki Mitchell. I mean, how does that work now??? I’m telling you, they were inseparable. He would hang on to her for comfort, security, everything. Once in a while, they should make this a gossip courtesy, you know? Give us an update on the not-so-famous exes who get discarded in favour of someone with a name. It works as a good footnote.

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