Check out Rosamund Pike in Rome today at a photo call to promote Gone Girl. Haven't seen Ben Affleck yet. He might not be there. And if not, I agree with this strategy. We already know Ben Affleck. Rosamund Pike? Not a household name. But that could change soon.

Gone Girl is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the season. Maybe THE most highly anticipated movie of the season. And, if you've read the book, all of it rests on Amy. Amazing Amy. Missing Amy. Mysterious Amy. Duplicitous Amy. So, Rosamund Pike has to be everything. And if she is, she'll be a revelation to people.

We are on the verge of her moment. So, yes, send her out alone, without being overshadowed by Batfleck. Pike has been almost there for a while now. I've a feeling she's ready.