Some Oscar contenders have been up in our faces for weeks. Then there’s Rosamund Pike who promoted Gone Girl in September, let the performance do the work for her, and went off to enjoy the final weeks of her pregnancy away from the spotlight. Her baby was born December 2. We don’t know the name. Her first son’s name is Solo.

After taking her last trimester off, Rosamund is back, just in time for the most intense part of award season. In Palm Springs on Saturday and then the Variety Creative Impact Awards yesterday. It gives us an idea of what her award show style will be. And she’ll be one to watch. Look at that Peter Pan collar a-line. And the black and white skirt? It’s a nice build to the Globes. The Globes is where you blow your load.

Right now, while most experts agree that Pike will indeed be among the five nominees for Best Actress, no one is counting her in for a win. Both she and Felicity Jones will likely consider the nomination their victory, leaving Julianne Moore to deal with a hustling Jennifer Aniston who’s closed in on Reese Witherspoon and doesn’t seem to be content anymore with just an invitation to the party.