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Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 27, 2010 15:14:50 October 27, 2010 15:14:50

She’s pretty attractive in photos, yes. But in person? Jesus. Rosario Dawson is, like, f-cking spectacular. I interviewed her on Sunday for Unstoppable and we were all sitting there, in a line, outside her junket room. When she walked by, in a tight green dress, all of us were momentarily overcome. Men and women. It’s ridiculous.

I’m saying this because the dress she wore last night to the Unstoppable premiere in Hollywood doesn’t do her justice. It’s horrible. I promise you though, when you’re facing her, just feet from her, it’s very hard to focus.

The skin, her smile, her body... she has a real body. It’s slender, totally, but the girl, she has flesh in the right places, the picture of health. It’s not often these actresses can be described as the picture of health. Also, she’s so so SO nice. Not just, like, interview nice but real nice. There’s a genuine warmth there, a kindness that you can feel in just five minutes – she’s considerate enough to ask, as if!, a journalist (not me, someone else) if he had enough to go with on his show, in a way that implied “it’s important to me that you go back and people tell you you’ve done a good job, let me help with that”. Most of her peers truly cannot give a sh-t.

That was the unanimous sentiment afterwards and these are people on the circuit who do it week in week out, who’ve seen and talked to them all, who do not impress easily. Rosario Dawson is lovely.

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