You wish Ashley Greene.

Michael Bay was rather swift about finding a replacement for Megan Fox. Just Jared is reporting that taking over for her in Transformers 3 will be British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, 23 years old, known for her Victoria’s Secret body, and was all over Jason Statham last month at Coachella.

Needless to say, acting is not a requirement. All that matters is that Rosie fits the Bay mold. She is the Bay mold. And he’s a pig. So now here’s an interesting question, after all the happy dances that accompanied news of Megan Fox’s dismissal/departure last week – what’s worse: Fox’s asstalking or Bay’s objectification?

F-ck it, right? It’s Friday. Rosie’s a hot bitch with a hot body and big lips. Enjoy.

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