Am far away from home. Miss The View. Love The View. People are freaking out this morning about The View…Rosie and Elisabeth going at it hard, getting personal on live (is it live?) tv.

Apparently it’s making a big splash back home and from the clip, indeed it’s intense and very, very uncomfortable. Undoubtedly people will take sides, undoubtedly some will say it was inappropriate, that it was damaging, that things will deteriorate rapidly and dramatically.

And they very well may.

But as uncomfortable as it was, I thought their on air fight, from the 10 minutes I saw anyway, was refreshingly real. And no, I don"t espouse Elisabeth"s views. But the thing is, The View is supposed to be for women. A girl thing. Girls chat and girls scrap. The best of girls scrap. We argue. When we argue we get shrill. And the better the friend, the closer the friend, the more intense the throwdown. Don’t tell me you haven’t had this kind of fight with a friend or a sister or a cousin before because I won’t believe you. The sh-tty part about this though is that if Ro and Elisabeth are indeed friends, you won’t see what happens after. Which is unfortunate.

Always tears, and hugs, and calm, and more hugs and tears, and heartfelt apologies, and a resolution that isn’t violent and then it’s over sometimes as quickly as it began. Total fromage, oui…but it’s a part of sisterhood. When it’s real, that is.

Which means Denise Richards has no clue.

Click here for The View clip – I’m sure some of you will disagree. Always happy to read your comments.