But the Queen was marvellous yesterday, wasn’t she? I don’t think I saw her sit down even once. Pretty sure those velvet chairs went unused the whole time. It was Her Majesty’s day for sure. And still, my primary focus on these events is usually Prince Harry. Because while everyone else remembers to put on the mask, Harry’s the one who has a hard time keeping it on. Which is why at almost every important Royal Family function, there’s always at least one shot of Harry giggling, or suppressing his giggling, or trying to make someone else giggles. It reminds me of the shot of his mother snatching his hand all those years ago when they were seated at a presentation somewhere and the little scamp lifted his fingers to mock someone and Diana, with quick reflexes, caught it immediately and slapped it down on her thigh. These were the moments that revealed she was a mother who was present in their lives and didn’t toss them off to nannies only to make cameo appearances in their lives. She knew exactly how to read her boys and when to head them off.

And here they are, the 2nd and 3rd in line to the Throne, with the Queen on her Queen Boat yesterday during the record setting Jubilee Flotilla, part of the senior royal contingent selected to ride with Her during the cruise. That also, obviously, included Catherine Cambridge in red. I know the colour had to have been approved by the Queen herself and if the Queen really hated it she would have said so...but then again, why put a grandmother in that position, right? Maybe it’s just me. I am not a fan of the red dress. Not on the red carpet and not on a red boat and not as the most eye-catching contrast to Her Majesty’s sparkling white.

But can we go back to Hot Harry? I love it when he wears the blue beret. There was a moment there, I swear, he was telling his grandpa Prince Philip dirty jokes; those two were conspiring about something and it cannot have been clean. Can you imagine them together? It’s probably the Royal Press Office’s worst nightmare: the Duke of Edinburgh and Hot Harry On A Horse caught on a hot mic.