Now put your hands up

That f-cking song has been in my head all morning. I’ve decided to make you suffer too!

Her Majesty was joined by her daughter-in-law and her grand daughter-in-law today in London on a visit to Fortnum & Mason. They all toured the food hall together.

God I love the food halls in English department stores. Once at Selfridges I spent an hour inhaling cheese. That’s also where Lorella and I discovered that Elizabeth Hurley sells beef jerky. For real.

Anyway, as you can see, the three Royal Ladies seemed to get on very well, further indication of how fond the Queen is of Camilla and of course Catherine who’s been attending to her official duties beautifully on her own, without William who is still in the Falklands. Is it super, super creepy and gross of me to really want to be there when they reunite?

A romantic reunion featuring hot Harry, in my mind, looks like a desperate kiss, pushed up against the wall, and a lot of panting and eyef-cking afterwards. I can’t picture this in Will and Kate’s case.