Dear Gossips,

Queen Elizabeth is 90 years old today. She’s in Windsor, her favourite, which is also where her 90th birthday photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz took place. Late yesterday the Palace shared three new images ahead of today’s celebrations. My favourite, obviously, is the one where she’s surrounded by her dogs, Willow, Holly, Vulcan, and Candy.

Their names!

Her Majesty with the whimsical names! Whimsical names for pets only, not people. Can you imagine her reaction if one of her grandchildren wanted to name their child Candy?

I also love the shot of the Queen with her only daughter, Anne, the Princess Royal. It’s the smile on her face. And their positioning. There’s no stiffness here. It’s so informal and warm.

Of course the picture everyone’s talking about is the one with the kids. Zara Phillips’s daughter Mia holding the handbag kills me. She’s the star of this shot by far. And you know what? Big G and his half smile will just have to deal with it. You already own the world. Can’t someone else shine for once?! And for once can it be Lady Louise? She’s so lovely, isn’t she?

The photo of the Queen with the youngest members of her family was taken in the Green Drawing Room at Windsor Castle. I was there with my friend Lorella exactly a year ago today. And you can see it as part of the tour which I highly recommend. The grounds are amazing. And there are these little windows built into the stone wall surrounding the tower where they used to shoot arrows out at approaching attackers. If you’re into that kinda thing.

Yours in gossip,