Katy Cambridge’s supposed due date came and went yesterday. Baby Wales has not yet arrived. Prince William is scheduled to play at a charity polo match on Sunday and they’re making a big ass deal of the fact that he’s still going even though his wife could deliver at any time. Please. It’s 2 hours away. Even if she does go that afternoon, he’s the heir to the throne of England, for Christ’s sake. They’ll get him there. It will be fine.

In the meantime, while everyone waits for the arrival of the Monarch Child, many of the other royals were out in the sunshine yesterday celebrating the anniversary of Her Majesty’s coronation. It was the first sighting of Zara Phillips since the announcement that she too is pregnant. And the Middleton family was invited to sit in the royal box to represent the future Queen Mother.

Amazingly, and it really is amazing, I like what boring Pippa is wearing. I even like her hair.