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Leslie Jones’s Drag Race dream comes true 

Prem Posted by Prem at March 23, 2020 17:47:52 March 23, 2020 17:47:52
Twitter/ Ross Mathews

***Drag Race Spoilers Below*** Friday’s episode of Drag Race was a rollercoaster, and the elimination shocked and surprised fans. For many, Rock M Sakura was a favourite they were sad to see go, but for many others, her elimination (and even her placement in the bottom two) was completely unjustified. Full Story

RuPaul is Fracking

Prem Posted by Prem at March 17, 2020 17:41:08 March 17, 2020 17:41:08
Slaven Vlasic/ Getty Images

You really know that we’re in the worst timeline now because somehow “RuPaul is Fracking” wasn’t the weirdest headline of the weekend.  i love how RuPaul admitting to fracking is like, only the eighth craziest thing to happen today. — Joker OnlyFans (@saintknives) March 16, 2020 Full Story

Drag Race Drama: Sherry Pie’s Catfishing

Prem Posted by Prem at March 10, 2020 20:06:17 March 10, 2020 20:06:17
Santiago Felipe/ Getty Images

Trigger Warning: This article contains mentions of sexual assault and harassment.  Is RuPaul’s Drag Race immune to the same issues we see in the entertainment industry? Apparently not.  Last Thursday, Buzzfeed News published an exposé Full Story

RuPaul in AJ and the Queen

Prem Posted by Prem at December 5, 2019 20:50:31 December 5, 2019 20:50:31
YouTube/ Netflix

A new trailer for AJ and the Queen, a new Netflix series starring RuPaul was released last night. The premise of the show, according to its Netflix description: “While traveling across the country in a run-down RV, drag queen Ruby Red discovers an unlikely sidekick in AJ: a tough-talking 10-year-old stowaway. Full Story

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Finale

Prem Posted by Prem at November 22, 2019 18:24:18 November 22, 2019 18:24:18
Twitter/ Ru Paul's Drag Race UK

Yesterday (at least in Canada) was the finale for the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. In many ways, the finale was satisfying. We got a lot of screen time with AJ Pritchard, who is HOT AF. I saw a lot of “flooded my basement” in comments about him and honestly? Same. Also, if you’re wondering if his brother Curtis seems familiar, that’s because he was on Love Island Series 5! Love Island crossing over with Drag Race? I can die in peace now. Full Story

Zendaya: The Emmys Lifetime Achievement

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 23, 2019 17:22:32 September 23, 2019 17:22:32
David Livingston/Matt Winkelmeyer/ Robyn Beck/ Amy Sussman/ Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

When we were lining up the coverage last night, near the end of the list, when we came to Zendaya, Duana asked me how ugly this was going to get, thinking that we’d fight over who got to write her, because we are both obsessed with this look. Duana was assuming that one of us would make Zendaya our Best…. Full Story

RuPaul’s Drag Race Announces Another 2 Seasons

Prem Posted by Prem at August 20, 2019 15:42:45 August 20, 2019 15:42:45
YouTube/ VH1

Yesterday, RuPaul released a video on VH1’s YouTube channel confirming that both All Stars Season 5 and RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 would be airing “soon.” I’m a huge Drag Race fan, as you’re probably aware. I just saw Miss Vanjie live over the weekend (yes, it was awesome), and RuPaul’s Drag Race was my first post on the site. Full Story

Will the RuPaul show last the month?

Prem Posted by Prem at June 11, 2019 19:14:35 June 11, 2019 19:14:35
Slaven Vlasic/ Getty Images

Yesterday, RuPaul’s new talk show RuPaul premiered with guests including James Corden and HGTV’s Property Brothers, Drew and Johnathan Scott. In his opening monologue, RuPaul explains that FOX is doing three weeks of test shows to see if RuPaul is viable. Based on audience demand and reception, they’ll determine whether the show will “stick around. Full Story

Team Silky or Team Yvie

Prem Posted by Prem at May 13, 2019 19:25:25 May 13, 2019 19:25:25
Jim Spellman/ Santiago Felipe/ Getty Images

Things that aren’t controversial: Miss Vanjie should have won the makeover challenge and Nina v. Silky was probably one of the worst lip syncs in the history of Drag Race. I love Nina West too much to call for a double sashay, but if there was ever a moment this season, it was that.  Things that are mildly controversial: Nina West should have shantayed – I’m biased, but apparently so is the rest of the internet including AOC Full Story