They Hate Jess, They Love Nick

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 21, 2007 12:07:12 December 21, 2007 12:07:12

It’s been two years since their split but still Nick Lachey is coming out on top. His album has outsold hers, he has a steady girlfriend who dresses like a tacky pageant queen with a slamming body doesn’t pee on him and loves to do it in public and hasn’t walked out on him, and somehow he’s managed to rally support from the MiniVan Majority, who just voted for his choir, making him the first celebrity winner of Clash of the Choirs, a viewer vote-based contest, with $250,000 going to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre.

Not bad at all.

Jessica Simpson’s public image meanwhile is now officially a joke. Has been for a while. Under the laughable management of her father, everything she’s touched has turned to sh*t. Including Tony Romo who she just started dating a month ago and who already is feeling the bad luck by association.

He lost last week, the fans unfairly are blaming her, and now rival team fans are using her against him. It’s really, really mean…but also really, really funny.

A site called is encouraging fans to cut out images of Jessica’s face and wear them as masks to distract Romo during games. The step by step guide as detailed by is as follows:

1) Buy Tickets to the next Dallas Game.
2) Print out this picture in Full Color.
3) Cut out eyes and head.
4) Paste or tape to a heavy piece of paper or cardboard.
5) Paste popsicle stick to bottom for easy handling.
6) Bring it to the game and let Tony know Jessica is there for him!
7) Celebrate after your team wins!


And now I really do feel sorry for her. Can you imagine? Can you imagine being a hex to everyone you go out with? John Mayer supporters couldn’t stand her, now Tony Romo’s can’t stand her either…

Does he feel strongly enough about her to stay with her? If so, is he strong enough of a man to hold steady against the tide of negativity? Will he eventually tire of her lips and her titty funbags the way Mayer did?

Poor, poor Jess.

Seriously honey…fire your father. He’s doing you no favours. None.

And seriously Nick… take care of that Carb Face. It is getting out of control!

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