Not everyone is born looking like Christy Turlington. Some are cursed by the Celebrity Baby Theory: two hot famous parents resulting in not so hot spawn…

Rumer Willis, unfortunately, has been afflicted by this cruel twist of fame but instead of wallowing in self pity, my plucky Rumey has astutely learned to use it to her advantage. Ugly can be interesting…most of the time. Especially when you know your angles.

Too bad Rumer forgot all of her angles for Halloween. Here she is at a party on Saturday night dressed up as… something unattractive….and looking extremely unattractive. Eighteen images of Rumer in various poses, taken from various positions, NOT ONE featuring a particularly flattering angle.

It’s the hair, I think.

When she’s rockin’ the pixie, the angles are easier to find. But underneath a heavy wig, the angles are buried, and when she smiles wide…well, suffice to say, her best feature is her body which appears to be back on a healthy bounce.

All good from the neck down.