My Rumer has been featured yet again in an articled posted on It’s the second time in 5 weeks and this time, she didn’t have to bleach her head.


Rumey instead achieved the honour by dishing on fame, her famous parents, her famous family, and how she is handling her newfound popularity as a “gossip-blog fixture”, a moniker bestowed by the magazine and one she probably cherishes more than anything else.

At the weekend, Rumey attended a Halloween benefit event and auctioned off her very own doll – the Rumer Willis Polly Pocket Doll – collecting $5,500 in support of the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation. Said Rumey of the honour:

"I feel like I"m really famous now."

Indeed, it sounds like Rumer’s popularity is starting to inflate her ego. All of a sudden, our girl has the “power”:

"Being famous isn"t going to parties ... it"s about being able to use the power that we all have to kind of give back."

It’s subtle, but it’s there. Rumer knows she is a Star. Rumer has the Power.
Still…Rumer is also trying to say the right things. And saying them convincingly. These are her comments on the constant criticism and the constant attention:

"Before I started working, I would have said, "You know, it"s not really fair, because I didn"t choose this." But when you decide to be a part of this profession and put yourself out there, then you kind of have to accept what it is. I think (my parents) know that I"ve had great role models. (Being a celebrity) is a 24-hour job. It doesn"t matter if you are going out to a restaurant – you have to be aware of what you are doing and how you look and how you are presenting yourself, because most of the time people never get to know you."

Finally…a series of Rumer shots showing off her best angles. See the difference the angles make? How an unfortunate looking girl can become “striking” under the right light? Almost?