But of course, OF COURSE she’s a singer. Who the f&ck isn’t these days?

Rumer Willis, our desperate star in the making, has hit yet another milestone. She’s been interviewed by People Magazine and featured in an article all about her!

Next stop – rehab!

In the interview with People, Rumer addresses that photo from last week showing her posing barely dressed wearing a dunce cap. She says it was “leaked” without her knowledge or approval and that she has learned to deal with the embarrassment by the example of her parents Bruce and Demi.

Really??? My Chinese ass she didn’t approve it! That girl has made a headline every other week.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Rumer also discusses her current movie roles and her female co-stars. It’s a very very telling quote:

"The girls I"m working with are such sweethearts, and I tend to not like girls, and I think most of my costars are the same way but we all get along so well.”

A girl who doesn’t like girls?

We all know those girls. Those girls are always trouble. Those girls don’t know the Girl Code. Those girls will stab you in the back faster than you can say homewrecker. Those girls are the Disciples of Ebola.

And this is why Rumer Willis WILL be a star…in addition of course to her many talents. Like the others, like Ebola and Lilo, Rumer is an actor and a singer, oh and also a photographer:

"I love a lot of different things. I really like acting, I really like music and I love photography. In a perfect world I could do all three. In the future, I would love to do an album. I have been singing since I was really little which not a lot of people know about so it"s one of those fun, personal things."

The sad thing is she actually probably will cut an album. For all those talented geniuses slaving away bussing tables by day and trying to get their demos heard by night, who will never ever share their music with the world, someone like Rumer Will will churn out yet another forgettable candy pop tune eating up air time and resources better spent on more worthy artists.

Bless Hollywood.

Finally, here are a few recent shots of Rumer rockin’ her cute quirky cut and showing off dwindling frame. By October, she’ll have sworn off food entirely.

Can’t wait.


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