My Rumey! On the cover of Page Six Magazine! And … a good angle!

So proud!

Of course, to leverage as much interest as possible in her fledgling career, Rumer discusses her family – her dad’s relationship to her stepdad, claiming that Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher are totally buds:

“We all have so much fun together. I’m so lucky. My dad and Ashton get along — it’s not weird. There’s no jealousy or drama.”

She also has a few choice words for Dina Lohan while, at the same time, boasting unsubtly about the amazingness of her own family:

"If we weren’t all entirely morally opposed to doing a reality show. I guarantee it would be the best-selling reality show ever.”

What does it say if even Rumer Willis is opposed to reality tv???

And finally… Rumer brags about graduating high school:

“Sure, I have my issues, but I’m not in rehab. I’m not in crazy debt. I like the fact that I didn’t just get my GED, but I graduated from high school. A lot of it has to do with my parents. They have a desire to keep us [kids] grounded and give us a normal upbringing.”

Both her parents are millionaires, she was raised in the most exclusive neighbourhoods, every resource available to her … and it’s an accomplishment to graduate high school?

Why couldn’t my parents have set those kinds of standards for me? Why did I have to rough it through 4 years of university, too many essays, and an extra summer session for skipping too many classes?

Celebrity kids have it rough.

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