Last year, due the writers’ strike, the Globes were cancelled and my Rumey missed out on her chance to work out her best chin angles on a grand, grand scale. Thankfully the HFPA extended her invitation and on Sunday night, Rumer Willis will finally wear the crown as Miss Golden Globe.

Here’s Rumey today at the Beverly Hills Hotel at some fashion free-for-all where celebrities don’t have to pay for clothes. Something like that.

But I worry.

I worry because, well, these aren’t her best angle are they? And she only has 3 days to practise. And the hair colour…definitely not feeling the hair colour. And the lankness of it isn’t working either.

See, a part of me wants her to kill it on Sunday. And then the other part, the part that’s taking me to hell, well, you know, I’ll say it for you. The entertainment of it, the bitchy gasp factor would be fun, right?

Oh la. How to choose? How will Rumey fare?

Counting down….

Globes in 3 days!

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