Was it because she’s only 19… or was it because she’s not famous enough?

Rumer Willis tried to hit up Villa last night and was let in immediately, only to be escorted back out later on after owners lost their sh*t that bouncers had admitted a minor onto the premises. My poor Rumey! But if Rumey had her own sex tape, you think she would have suffered the same fate?

Click here for the clip – as you can see, Rumey looks humiliated.

On the plus side – in video, Rumey is actually much more attractive than she is in still pictures. LOVE the hair. Some people just aren’t photogenic. And it could explain how she bags the hotties. Josh Hartnett is rumoured to be the latest.

But have you seen Rafi Gavron? Yum.

Here’s Rumer at the weekend after lunch with friends and driving off in her mini. She drove an SUV last night. How many cars does one Rumey need?

Photos from SPlashnewsonline.com