It’s my Rumey Willis! And it’s been way too long! Rumer is a redhead now though colour, as you can see, does nothing for her angles. It’s her angles that enhance her angles. And last night it was hit and miss and the D&G party.

But where has she been?

If you can believe it, gulp, Rumer Willis has been working. She was shooting on location in Pittsburgh through the fall, now back in LA and apparently has another project in the pipeline. Like… Rumer Willis worked more in 2008 than Mandy Moore. Granted, they’re not quality productions, hell no…but you have to admire that she knows her limitations, that she’ll take what she can get instead of hoping and praying for the impossible like forever tv girl Shelf Ass Jessica Biel that Paul Haggis will write a script for her, or something. Please.

Rumer’s expectations are much more modest. Mischa Barton should be doing the same.

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