She’s on her way to the Peg. And she even landed a job! Am so proud of my Rumey! So very proud. So who cares that she’s sharing billing with Kristin Cavallari who is probably as démodé as it gets? Who cares?

Oh yeah, and Mischa Barton too.

Turns out Rumey has just been confirmed to star in a movie called Wild Cherries that will shoot in Winnipeg in May. Word is she’s been uberprofessional, has a good attitude, is serious about the script and prepping for her role, and isn’t getting paid very much at all. Apparently she knows she can’t skate by on her family name or, obviously, her looks.

Now here’s the smutty part. It is standard procedure for actors to submit to physicals prior to starting work on a film. For insurance and other purposes. My sources tell me that Rumer had it worked into her contract that her medical report come from her own doctor. The other two actresses supposedly had no such clause and were assessed by the production-approved physician. When this happens, it’s usually “a sign there is something they don’t want found out”.

Most who know her say she’s not a hardcore user…so the general consensus seems to be diet pills.

That’s the sh*t I love about Hollywood.

Wild Cherries is a Canadian production that tells the story of 3 teens who promise each other they’ll stay chaste until after they graduate. And the high school football team vows to make them break it.

Can you picture it?

The star quarterback wants to tap Rumer Willis?

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