It’s been about two weeks, hasn’t? Since my Rumer’s made a blip on the gossip radar? Sounds about right.

Which is why she showed up at some event last night looking like THIS. Like all the ugly atoms in her body migrated to her head and exploded in her hair. I mean I know I’m in the minority, I know most of you would believe this is the spawn of Donatella Versace…

But my Rumey’s look is distinctive. And she has beautiful, beautiful eyes. And when she plays it right – like she did 2 weeks ago at the Declare Yourself Event – with short blonde hair and cute jeans tucked into cute booties… it’s really rather intriguing.

Last night however…last night was a straight up abomination. But don’t for a second think it wasn’t on purpose. Of course it was on purpose. Here is a girl who has embraced the fact that she is NOT cookie cutter pretty. Or even  cookie cutter average. Instead she has decided to exploit her, um, lack of pretty to further her career in the place of actual talent.

Unorthodox…but it’s working.