I don’t know…what do you call it?

Not exactly a camel toe because you can’t see the two humps but still… it deserves a classification all its own. The wind can do some funky sh*t. And my poor Rumey was the victim.

This is Rumey yesterday wearing what’s actually a cute strapless but very thin grey jumper that unattractively wrapped around her areas as the wind swirled around her. If you’re going to be a famewhore, you might want to choose your fabrics more wisely, non?

As you can see, in addition to working out her best angles, Rumer Willis is also trying to land on the fashion pages, aspiring to a little piece of Nicole Richie’s pie.

The one glove gives it away.

I do like the glove.

But the wind camel I could do without. You?

Rumey is in New York. Not sure why. Perhaps to promote The House Bunny? She barely made the trailer… but it’s never a bad thing to get out there, if anyone is willing to book her.

Go Rumey go!

Come on admit it. At the very, very least, Rumer Willis > Emmy f&cking Rossum.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com