The good news – Angelina Jolie is pregnant with twins! The bad news – Star Magazine is the one reporting it. Which is very, very, very bad news indeed. Because they also reported not too long ago that Brad was packing up the Chosen One Shiloh and leaving Angelina to go back to Aniston. This has probably been their headline every other week for the last 6 months.

Still… Brad and Angie did have that glow about them at the Critics’ Choice Awards, non? When they last treated us to a taste of their porn?

And if there is any couple capable of fulfilling a Double Happiness birth on the luckiest day of the decade – August 8, 2008… 8/8/8 triple 8 – it would be the Pitts, would it not?

Last time they delivered in Namibia. Where will it be this time? Knowing Angelina, wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Darfur. Because that’s the only way the crisis there will Stop.Getting.Ignored.