Have been hearing a lot from Ottawa the last couple of days reacting to a story in the National Enquirer about Country B refusing to move. 

As you know, Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher were married last month and made plans to settle into a home in Ottawa. Us Weekly reported just last week that they’re building a dream house in town – according to that publication, Mike said Carrie is happy to live in Canada and can’t wait to have his babies...or something. 

However the Enquirer says the two of them had a dramatic throwdown the other day when Carrie admitted to Mike that she’d overpromised and that she preferred to stay in Nashville. Mike then apparently felt that she’d frauded him out and told her he’d be staying in Ottawa, whether she joined him or not. And then she locked herself in the washroom and cried. 

Oh la. 

Will she make Mike desert his team? 

I really, really want to believe this. 


I can’t. It’d be a good story if they weren’t who they were, if they didn’t do what they already do, but they are and they do. He’s a professional hockey player who is on the road half the year. She tours all the time. And did so through their courtship and engagement. When would they have ever expected her to entertain herself in the kitchen and bake cookies all day? 

The expectation has always and only been that Carrie gets what Carrie wants. There was no fight. There was no ultimatum. There were no tears in the bathroom. There will however be more diamonds, more gifts, more pampering, and more ways to spend his $4.2 million salary which is still less than Jason Spezza’s insultingly undeserving $7 million, holy F-CK. 

If I were you Ottawa, I’d be more worried about Carrie nagging him about that ridiculous imbalance than anything else. That’s the kind of wife I am. 


That lazy slug who does half of what you do makes so much more than you? How fair is that? 

And then it gets weird in the locker room. That’s the way a real Country B operates. Like she’d ever let him give her an ultimatum. Please.

File photos from Wenn.com and Bauergriffinonline.com and Jason Merritt/Gettyimages.com