OK Magazine is reporting that Tony is trying to squirm out of his relationship with Jessica Simpson, apparently realising finally that she’s too high maintenance to handle, especially since she comes with an entire family, including a pervy papa pimp for a father.

Unfortunately, Jess kept the door open with her foot, refusing to let him close it gently on her face. So like any limp dick, he supposedly devised the worst date ever to take her on, hoping that in doing so, she’d beat it and leave him alone.

No word on whether or not the Break Up Hunting Trip sans luxurious accoutrements was successful.

As for whether or not this story is true – am headed to Phoenix for the Superbowl next week on assignment for eTalk etalk.ctv.ca, where both of them have RSVP’d for several parties. Will keep you posted.

Photos from Wenn.com