A new hookup to end the year! And I like it! A lot!

Check out Kirsten Dunst leaving lunch yesterday with Garrett Hedlund. They were with another friend and walked separately so as to avoid being shot in the same frame but drove away together all giggly and smug. The fact that they made it so obvious not to be photographed side by side makes it extra suspicious. After all, what's the harm in 3 friends sharing a meal...unless 2 of those friends are a couple.

Word is they've been spending time together since at least October having worked on On The Road last year. She's helped him with his pants problem too. And the result is HOT. Totally feeling him again.

Great way for Kiki to close what's been a great year. Don't call it a comeback, she says...but it kinda was, non? Her performance in Melancholia was widely acclaimed, winning her the Best Actress title in Cannes, and many critics have been lamenting for weeks the fact that she's fallen out of the awards race, insisting she's deserving of at least a nomination. The film however was much too polarising. Still, award or not, Kiki's spot among the Portmans and the Knightleys of the business has been re-secured. Happy New Year! And now there's a boy to celebrate with. I'm into this couple, if that's indeed what it is.