Has Anna Wintour relented?

I truly, truly hope not.

But Hello Magazine in the UK (thanks JH!) is reporting that she’ll “appear on the cover of a prestigious US publication later this year.”

According to Hello’s source "It's all been kept very hush-hush, but she's going to be a cover star in the autumn. To say it's a huge coup is an understatement. For Victoria to have achieved that, for her own business successes, means she's considered a superstar in her own merits. She is beyond thrilled."

Am skeptical. You?

Not to say it’s not possible. Of course it’s possible. But Anna loves to torture. It would make me sad to know she’s ending the game.

The August issue of Vogue features Christy Turlington on the cover. The September Issue is the magazine’s most important and Charlize Theron has already been confirmed. That leaves three months to go. By the way – have you seen the trailer for The September Issue? The Anna doc that was the toast of Sundance? Can’t f-cking wait. See below. It’s a famine of beauty!!!

As for Posh… October, November, or December? and that’s a great big IF Hello is to be believed.

Here are more photos from her swing shoot last week. The images will be for her dress collection. The one she’s wearing, you know the retail for that is 2,000 POUNDS? For ripping off other people’s clothes?



Photos from Wenn.com