Interviewed all three and the director of OotP and Imelda Staunton on Saturday for eTalk. Imelda is actually TINY. But of course you wouldn’t know it from her ridiculously fantastic turn as Professor Umbridge.

As for the kids…obviously no longer kids. But still kids. All terrifically professional, no attitudes, no fussing, and not weird in that Dakota Fanning way. None of them are anywhere near 40.

Starting with Rupert Grint – I’d say the least loquacious of the lot. Shaggy hair, a bit shy, perks up on certain topics, not interested in famewhoring, content to be for this purpose anyway the best friend of the main character. I loved that about him. Physically from the films you think he’s long and lanky, especially since George and Fred are that way. Rupert at this stage however is not tall. About 5 ft 8 max and healthy weight.

Then of course there’s Daniel…Mr Enthusiasm. Honestly, he’s lovely. So excited about the work, he’s present and engaging in an interview, he’s animated, he’s expressive, he took his shoes off so as to get completely comfortable for his chats, and it was sweet. It was endearing. Impressive that he doesn’t have to pull the “cool” card – that card so common among teenagers who develop a sort of embarrassment about who they are in an effort to impress those they will never be.

Daniel Radcliffe seems very sure of himself and not in a way that’s setting him up to fail – a la Lindsay Lohan. He’s articulate, he’s confident, but not too confident, humble and enthusiastic and underneath it all, at least from my impression, there is a solid grounding there… almost as though whoever surrounds him made sure he was well prepared – not just for the interview but for what the interview represents: the fame, the attention, the surreal reality of being a celebrity.

As for those of you who saw Equus, or at least saw the poster, and the question that naturally follows, as shamefully pervy as it is… to me, he’s not hot. To me, he’s Harry Potter. To me he’s 18. I will tell you though that he’s lean, his arms are ripped, and that he’s short. Listed at 5 ft 8 on IMDB but not even close. We stood up and we were eye to eye. I was wearing flats. Super flat flats sandals. I am 5 ft 4 on a good day.

And finally Emma Watson… my favourite. Pervy for many of you is Daniel, pervy for me and perhaps even more so is Emma. Because it almost feels wrong to gush about a girl so young but she is sooooooo, sooooo beautiful. SO BEAUTIFUL. And I can’t, I can’t even imagine how much more beautiful she’s going to become over time.

Emma in person, her features, the way her face moves… it’s mesmerising. She was wearing a white tight tank under a pink tight tank, gold chains around her neck (not tacky), white skinny jeans. Hair was wavy, very little makeup if any, amazing skin, thin but normal thin, and the best smile ever.

What I like best about Emma though is that Hermione has remained her only acting assignment. After five films, unlike many of her peers, Emma chose to focus on school. When she’s not shooting Harry Potter movies, she’s studying…and that’s just the way it goes. At 17 now she is at the point of a deciding whether or not to take on other parts but it’s refreshing and remarkable especially in these times, you know? That she decided not to pursue the glory and the hype and also that she has been patient too, wanting to wait for something after Hermione to truly do Hermione justice. Love it.

And she is a girly girl too. We had a girly girl moment. Of course about clothes.

All interviews to air this week on eTalk. Also check out eTalk on Broadband for full length clips to be uploaded in the coming weeks. Dan talks about getting nekked.

Here are the kids at the press conference the day before. Emma is wearing Chanel.