He was there to celebrate Harry Potter’s Outstanding British Contribution To Cinema. Good timing. The BAFTAs are sandwiched between the release of the Deathly Hallows Part 1, which of course happened in November, and Part 2 which is scheduled for July 15th. Is it July 15th yet?

Among so many other things, I want to see how it plays out, when Ron and Hermione finally acknowledge their love. And the kiss!

Rupert told THR on the carpet that it took him five tries to get it right. Being friends for so long, obviously it was weird and awkward. When I asked him about it in November, at the HP junket, he told me that everyone was giggling on set that day, that Danielle Radcliffe teased him about it incessantly. Can’t wait to see how convincing, or not, it will be onscreen. Whatever. Even if it sucks I’ll still cry. The end… it’s coming.

Photos from Wenn.com and Ian Gavan/Dave Hogan/Gettyimages.com