Favourite photos of the day.

Rupert Grint was photographed at Heathrow today carting along a Japanese Toilet Seat. No, for real. According to the photo agency, this Japanese Toilet “offers features such as slow closing, electronic bidet, and warm heated seat”.


Is this what I need for my poo problem? Part of it is totally psychological for me. I’m always too rushed.

But, like, even though I need to know a lot about my celebrities, I’m not sure this includes their sh-tter preferences. No. Wait. I think I would care if Angelina Jolie sat on a Japanese Toilet Seat. And I would definitely care if Gwyneth Paltrow used one too.

Also, the fart humour 10 year old in me loves this so much.

Photos from Ian Lawrence/Splashnewsonline.com