Written by Duana

I know it sounds like a really strange thing to call someone, but after the weekend we’ve had, with the Charlie Sheens and the John Gallianos and all the rest of the poorly-behaved who feel entitled to spray their bullsh-t wherever they go, Russell Brand is both entertaining and a model of restraint.

Not only does he introduce his mother everywhere – he interrupts people to say “This is my mother Babs” (aside from the fact that she doesn’t look old enough to have had him) they looked to be having a great time together. He was proud, right? Which was utterly adorable? I mean, come on. Sometimes you marry a pop star in an Indian ceremony and release two books and maybe it’s hard to get excited about things anymore but they manage to look utterly delighted with themselves.

When he was presenting onstage, perhaps due to her presence, he didn’t say anything untoward and look, I’ll confess I could have used a little untoward just to wake up the night, but fine, no problem, I can deal.

And then the best part – on the Governor’s ball carpet, one reporter, trying to keep a conversation going with Brand who only wanted to go inside, says “wow, I guess you really need a drink!”

And -- without missing a beat! -- Brand and his mom Babs fix the girl with identical withering glares as he breezily informs her “Well, I’m a recovering alcoholic actually so we’ve got to go now”. He wasn’t biting. He wasn’t cruel. And I should stress that while the reporter’s remark was unfortunate, it could have happened to anyone in the speed and frenetics of the carpet.

He reprimanded her, just a little bit, while simultaneously not ruining her night, and all with his mother on his arm. He might actually be more of a class act than we thought.

Perish the thought.

Photos from Wenn.com