Russell Brand has been going to the gym a lot lately. I see him in his gym clothes and it cracks me up. I mean I can totally see that vain bitch Kellan Lutz at the gym every day tweaking his breasts but Russell Brand, it seems so incongruous. Like, look at him. And his green socks.

Not that it’s a bad thing to be healthy, of course not.

Just never pictured that when Russell Brand is sweating and grunting it would be on a treadmill. My Russell Brand always has a ciggie dangling from his mouth, leering from underneath a dirty sheet, asking me if he can tickle my feet and whether or not I want to play tell the doctor what’s sore.

Anyway, as you know, Russell and Katy Perry are engaged. There’s been speculation that she’s pregnant. Something about her writing a cryptic message on Twitter. Something about craving burgers and tweeting at Russell about hearing that he’s “prego-ed”. Whatever. Twitter, I guess, is a better source than BumpWatch because BumpWatch says that right now she doesn’t have one.

Photos from Clint Brewer/