Some great shots of Russell Crowe today on location in Wales for his new highly anticipated Robin Hood movie with Ridley Scott. They’ve reportedly been scrapping incessantly, two massive egos battling every day. The studio has denied it but it’s totally believable.


Ridley Scott knows everything. Russell Crowe knows everything.

Can you imagine that set?

But then there’s Cate Blanchett. Just chillin’ things out.

So much buzz about this movie. The budget, the cast, the director, the story…


It’s Robin Hood.

Like, how many times, right?

And here’s the thing – they say the Movie Star is dying. Who’s seeing this movie? Not the dumbasses who saw Fast & Furious. And the women vote isn’t enough to recoup the budget. And this generation of Disney has probably never heard of Robin Hood…

So who?

Or maybe I’m talking about of my ass. Maybe Robin Hood with rock the box office.

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