He’s scheduled to start shooting that Robin Hood movie soon – still no confirmation as to his role. This is Russell Crowe sneaking out of the Empire Awards last night in London looking much leaner than he has in… well… years. Be honest. He’s been portly for a while.

It’s amazing how they can drop weight so quickly when it’s time to get to work. Like it’s the only thing they focus on all day. Because it is. If all you had to do for 6 weeks was get thin – not have to go to work, not have to worry about anything but exercise and eating well – in 6 weeks it’d be achievable for us too.

Anyway, now that he’s slim again, with his hair like that, reminds me of his Oscar win. Back in the day, back in the Gladiator day, he was on par with George Clooney for a time. Then he beat a hotel bitch down with a phone and it all went to sh-t.

Photos from Flynetonline.com