Russell Crowe has a temper. And?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 14, 2010 12:41:23 May 14, 2010 12:41:23

And I’m fine with that.

Crowe walked out on another interview, this time with Mark Lawson from BBC Radio 4, while doing press for Robin Hood this week. This most recent incident is of course feeding his reputation for being difficult and mean. Although really, listen to the clip. The interview isn’t going great and Crowe just unhooks his mic and leaves. He doesn’t yell or call anyone names or throw things. It could have been worse. In Russell Crowe’s world, it has been worse. At least this time he didn’t hit anyone with a phone.

Do I wish Crowe could get through a press tour without pouting? Yeah, sure. But…he’s Russell Crowe. I like his movies—I like it when he plays tough guy characters. World weary soldiers, violent criminals, fed-up cops—Crowe’s trademark character is a man on the edge. When I think of Russell Crowe movies I don’t think of happy couples skipping in the park. I think of angry dudes cutting people’s heads off and engaging in fiery shoot outs. We enjoy this from him. We want this from him. So isn’t it a little hypocritical to condemn him for being a man with a temper? It’s that exact edge that makes him so good at what he does.

I’m not pardoning bad behavior past, present, or future. Crowe is a grown adult and should be able to conduct himself accordingly. But I have my eyes open. I don’t expect sunshine and daisies from him. As long as he’s not punching reporters in the face, everything else is pretty standard for what I think of as “typical Crowe behavior”. Today everyone is hating on Crowe for his perceived petulance. I think Crowe would ask us, “Are you not entertained?”


Here's Russell Crowe preparing to leave France with his family after attending Cannes.


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