I kinda set this up for myself the other day. Ruth Negga was the one I was waiting for. And my God, she was worth it. This is custom Nicolas Ghesquiere for Louis Vuitton. It took 120 hours to put together. And you can see the construction at work. Because without that craftsmanship, this dress could have been disastrous. A slinky sequined column can cling. And if you don’t built it right, it can cling to or create things to cling to that are terribly unflattering. There is none of that happening here. Even in the worst light, the dress finds ways to escape. This is how you know the design in there. And that a dress has been tested all the way.

I LOVE that it’s essentially just a t-shirt dress. I LOVE the t-shirt sleeves. I LOVE zipper feature. I love the bands along the side. I F-CKING LOVE that cuff. Gal Gadot was there last night. But, as corny as this sounds, the Wonder Woman of style was undeniably Ruth Negga. Ruth is not nominated for a SAG Award. And she’s losing momentum for an Oscar nomination. So this may be her fashion statement of the season. I’ll remember it all year.