There’s a sentiment out there that The Affair is not serious, or something. Or that maybe because people are being horrible to each other that it’s not worth watching? I’m not sure exactly what it is that people want from it. I was so pleased to see something so resolutely family-based winning awards.

A few weeks ago my friend Vera asked me how come Ruth Wilson was so successful. I said it was because she didn’t seem desperate and V agreed – she doesn’t have what another friend of ours called “crazy actor eyes”. And then she showed up tonight in that green dress with the stripes and man did I love that. So unusual! So special to not be in a regular old purple satin or a white sheath. 

But I have to say that the acceptance speech rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe she’s just a victim of timing. But tonight, when everyone was making Important speeches about Important things – some of which were more resonant and genuine than others – her speech was about her. And how she really was sad that she didn’t win the year of the writers’ strike. That this felt like it was making up for that.

And I don’t think she meant to be off-putting, and it might be just a British thing, and I don’t want to hold her to a different standard than several male blowhards who were annoying. But, you know. It was weird.

That dress wasn’t boring at all though!