Ryan Gosling arrived in Vancouver on Friday. Saw him that night at Opus Hotel. Rachel McAdams was supposed to join him but there was a last minute schedule change – no details as to why. Bottom line is, am told that as of last week at least, they were still an item. Tight source.

Anyway - Friday night, was having drinks at Elixir at Opus. Ryan was there hanging with a few of his boys – seemed like a guys’ weekend. One of them resembled Rachel’s sister’s boyfriend but couldn’t make a positive ID – too generic looking. Two 20something fan girls spotted him from across the street, decided to park themselves in the lounge to stare, couldn’t work up the nerve to approach him, and left giggling shortly thereafter.

If he wanted to though, there was no shortage of eager hooch desperate to ride it. And very attractive too. Trust me, if he was inclined, it would have been easy. Unfortunately for the skanky, there was zero interest. Ryan had no play, focused instead on his friends, telling stories, laughing, joking – at one point they were outside smoking, a girl who appeared to be part of their crew was beaming at the honour, he spoke to her occasionally but it was one of those nights, he was there with his friends, he wasn’t there to pick up.

And I LOVE smut. You know I would have been on that sh-t right away.

At around midnight he left… apparently went to Bar None around the corner. Again just chillin’ with the guys.

Next night, same thing. Opus bar for a while, then Bar None, returned to hotel pretty early - just after 1:00am, friends in tow, not a girl in sight.

Physical details? He’s hot – HOT! – but not pretty (love not pretty), lean but not skinny, looked healthy, hair short, grey t-shirt and jeans, super casual, the most low key celebrity ever…a total guy’s guy. Picture a bbq with your friends, the boys standing around shooting the sh-t with a beer in one hand – that’s what he’s like.

Was shorter than I originally placed him – not short but I’d say max, max, max 5 ft 11. If that. Always thought he’d be over 6. My girlfriend who is 5 ft 9 was wearing flats and standing a couple of feet away at one point and he wasn’t much taller. Amazing eyes though. Warm and kind, good eye contact without looking pervy…

Finally…he ROCKS the pants. ROCKS them. And the sexiest gait ever.

Ryan left Vancouver on Sunday.