Ryan Gosling has returned to Cannes, this time as a director. He and several members of his Lost River cast, including Christina Hendricks and Matt Smith, were at the photo call today to represent the film. Haven’t read any reviews yet. I’ll do a pick up on this with the carpet shots from the Palais when critics start releasing their comments.

But right now, you only care about one thing. I’m already getting emails about it: Eva Mendes isn’t there. Which is the perfect excuse for STAR Magazine to report that – yet again – they’ve broken up.

No idea why she’s not there. There are other reasons besides breaking up though. For starters – money. A small film like this, it’s a lot of financial burden on them to fly and accommodate several celebrities first class. The film centres on Hendricks, so she had to be there. Smith is the presumed villain, so he had to be there. Those with minor roles… well… they may have had to prioritise their funding. Remember, celebrities don’t spend their own cash when they don’t have to. And if he really just wants to focus on the filmmaking, and not his personal life, this makes it easier too.

Or, you know, we could go with a breakup, if you want it bad enough.