Thank you. It’s not that I don’t appreciate it – I do. Many of you have been forwarding the link, and before today I managed to avoid watching due to the Olympic crush. But now it’s back to normal and it’s harder to resist though that still doesn’t mean that I can handle it. Because I canNOT. There’s a backlog on this blog. I still have to get to Michael Phelps and Buble. I have so much email to read and answer...

So please, please stop distracting me with Ryan Gosling.


To hear him talking with that sexy little drawl. To watch him putting together his own set, arriving to the venues in a UHaul. To see how he connects with children in a matter of minutes. When he sings, when he sweats, when he laughs...

You are KILLING me.

It’s a doc style piece on his Dead Man’s Bones tour. And he’s SO F-CKING BEAUTIFUL. And sexy. And his voice catches a lot. And his arms. And his hair. And, well, you know.

Here are a few photos I missed during the craziness of the Games. Last month Ryan went to a Tarantino party. These are pictures of him leaving from