Thanks to Samantha and Alanna for these photos from the Dead Man’s Bones show in Vancouver on Saturday night.

My lady business can’t handle him in that shirt and that waistcoat bringing the mad quiver…It was a good decision not to go. It was a good decision not to test the Shame Threshold.

Have heard from many of you who were there, all of you loved the energy, the intimacy, the performance, and even though it was wall to wall estrogen horny, Ryan’s life was at no point in danger. His fans are sane. And according to Samantha and Alanna, his mom came along too. Apparently she was selling t-shirts.

Now we’re dying from the cuteness.

And here’s a tip for that wannabe mickey mouse local reporter, because it’s important to give even if the taker never credits – after the show, Ryan was at Section 3 in Yaletown. Apparently a scuffle broke out. You know those douchebags who can’t handle their drink and pull their dicks out because deep down inside they know they grew up to be losers?

Ryan Gosling is not a loser.

And before the situation got out of hand, he chilled the place out, defused the agro, and stepped in with his charm to break sh-t up. HOT.

On the romantic side, several people claim to have seen him holding hands with a girl. Others say it seemed totally platonic. And there are also rumours from previous city stops that he’s with one of the female members of his band. Needless to say, nothing is slam dunk. But he’s a musician on the road. He’s enjoying the freedom.