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Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 7, 2010 06:22:21 September 7, 2010 06:22:21

How to get over your Labour Day hangover? Welcome back to school/work with some Ryan Gosling’s hot arms playing guitar in a white shirt and sunglasses as Dead Man’s Bones performed at the FYF Festival in LA on Saturday. Um, his bandmate Zach isn’t bad either.

Go ahead, take a few minutes with your coffee, pretend it’s not Tuesday and a year until the next summer.




Next: Ryan is expected to be back home in Toronto to present Blue Valentine at TIFF and mount what they’re calling a quiet Oscar campaign, strategically paced leading up to Blue Valentine’s December release. Click here if you missed it to read my Blue Valentine review from Cannes.

As for the inevitable questions about his love life – well his game has always been constant but quiet. However, a few of you have emailed following JustJared’s report that Rachel Bilson was sighted at this show. They do know each other, they were at the same party in Cannes a few months ago before she announced the end of her engagement to Hayden Christensen, and she was linked very recently to another quivering beast called Jake Gyllenhaal. Because she can’t find a job? I understand. You are tempted now to tell her to step the f-ck off. But, really, what else can she do?

Besides, ulterior motive or not, no one can resist this, how can you resist Ryan Gosling? I’m sure you’ve seen it but just in case – Dead Man’s Bones in the Pa Pa Powever video. So many things will destroy you in these 12 minutes. Like how the old man smiles to the camera playing piano. And the boys with their hair combed as they visit the seniors. Ryan seems adorably nervous introducing the song. When he’s dancing, when they’re all dancing... sometimes you know what they’re after, and you can’t help but give in to it anyway.

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