Don’t Rossum from the Notebook sugar sickness…I do this because the hysterical McGoslings need to be reminded every day that their favourite couple is still together. From Tiffany (thanks girl!) in Toronto who ate within the same four walls as Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams – unedited below: “Was out to dinner on Monday night at a tiny, low-key bistro called La Pallette in Kensington Market in Toronto. The place seats about 35 people in total and is not trendy at all, just really good French food. The place was so crowed that there was bit of commotion when two people came in looking to have dinner. I overheard a server say to the manager that the couple said they had called ahead and been told there was space at the bar. He said, yes, but they didn"t reserve it and there were already two people sitting at the bar that seats 4. They had the two people already there move over so the two new comers could sit together. None of this was a big deal and no one was making any kind of special fuss, just trying to accommodate customers. I didn"t think much of any of this, but I did notice that the guy was very attractive. They just seemed like a normal couple out for dinner. For those who need to know, he was in a black jacket (I think leather) and a black sweater. As I mentioned, very attractive. She was wearing a parka type coat I think orange. It was cold that night. I was very impressed there was no entourage and no fuss at having to sit at the bar.