I posted an article on August 19 - click here for a refresher - that included photos of Ryan Gosling on set with Eva Mendes, positing that they seemed so hot together, I’d totally be down if they hooked up. Mickey Mouse was listening.

OF COURSE he took her to Disneyland. He takes them ALL to Disneyland. They were there together on Saturday. He had his hand on the small of her back whenever they’d be entering a gate and at one point she had her hand lightly on his ass while they were waiting for a pick up. Am told by several people who saw them that they seemed very comfortable together. And that he would lean over frequently and say sh-t to her, like super closetalking in her ear, in a way that implied there was some intimacy between them. God I hope so. God I hope to see it myself one day. And if it sounds perverted, that’s because it is.

Anyway, am told they left in the same ride.

Will he bring her to TIFF? It’s not really his style. He’ll probably come with his mother and sister, the usual dates. But if he and Eva are a thing right now, I want to see it soon. Because something this hot, and they are super f-cking hot, you worry that it’ll blaze out before long.

Thanks Kristi!

File photos from INF