Exclusive pics of Rachel in Vancouver taken yesterday courtesy of FLYNET, available only for use on LaineyGossip.com Here"s how her yesterday unfolded. First she took a business meeting with someone, then she walked like 6 or 7 blocks in these cute very precarious heels all the way to a bus stop, where she waited for a friend to come pick her up, and then it was on to more food in Kitsilano (cute Vancouver neighbourhood). SOOO down to earth… do you just love it? But here"s an even more adorable story, also exclusive… I LOVE my sources! Rachel is renting a house in a certain neighbourhood - my neighbourhood actually…just about 10 blocks away. Anyway, she comes home one day last week and onlookers notice her trying to climb into a window. She was approached and asked if she needed help and it turns out she was locked out, the key having been slipped in error in the mail slot. She was wearing tall heels and a poufy dress and still didn"t want to bother anyone. Luckily a kind soul offered his ladder, she went up into the window herself, and then very sweetly came back out to thank her helpers. She introduced herself simply by saying: "I"m Rachel." Apparently she and a "scruffy" looking Ryan are staying there with a canine companion - his name is George and he is little. So anyway, enjoy the photos and also a few of Ryan from the premiere of Half Nelson the other night. Just me or is he a bit more round? As you can see by the ensemble, he clearly doesn"t enjoy dressing up for these red carpet affairs. And he clearly wants YOU to know that he doesn"t enjoy dressing up for these red carpet affairs. Ah the classic reluctant star, the classic reluctant heartthrob…it"s about as Hollywood as the casting couch. Gosling photo source