The last couple of months, it’s almost like we’ve come to count on it. A Friday send-off from Ryan Gosling, the perfect way to punctuate the end of a long work week, helping to start it on a great, sexy note. Also, during this awards season, as he continues to hustle for his little movie Blue Valentine, on talk shows, in magazines, everywhere, it’s important to remember that this won’t last. His run might be winding down.

Ryan was not nominated for a SAG. He was not nominated for a BAFTA. He’s a very outside shot for an Oscar, there’s no guarantee he gets an invitation …

And he’ll disappear again like he always does, until it’s time to promote Crazy Stupid Love.

So you might want to save this for your lunch hour. When you can properly enjoy it. Ryan Gosling on Kimmel last night in yet another textbook talk show appearance – he’s funny, he’s kind, he’s informed and aware, he dances AND sings…

And the way he says “what is happening???!!!” when that little girl is showing us her groove, you will die a little inside that he can’t be yours.

I’m including the entire interview. You don’t get to take shortcuts. You’d only be hurting yourself. And, as always, brace for the distraction.

Attached – Ryan Gosling on BBC promoting Blue Valentine and on the Globes afterparty circuit.

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